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Not sure what my problem is lately, I just don't seem to care.  I don't think I am depressed or anything really bad, I just don't care, nothing interests me, I can't seem to be creative (not like I really ever was really that creative but still. . .), I am not motivated, just really really bored.  Nothing good is on TV or the movies, I have read all my books at least twice, I don't have any friends, I already repainted every room in my house, I just don't know what to do with myself.  I was going to buy a new camera but decided to wait for the new D3000 to come out and check that out before I picked something.  

I have been so bored that I learned HTML just so I could make an active desktop element that displayed links to a few often used files on my desktop at work, then I learned CSS, just so I could make it pretty.   Not to say that I am an expert now but I got the job done and even started messing with CSS on my folders here on DA.   

I swear I am going to sell my house, pack up my shit and move to Europe, to which ever country will have me.  Hopefully one of the Nordic countries, I just feel like I belong there somehow.

On the odd chance that anyone gives a crap, here is the text from my folder changes:

body {background-color: #202020; }
div.folderview-top {   }
div.folderview-top h2 {font-family: vivaldi, arial; color: red; font-weight: bold; font-size: 45px;  }
div.folderview-top .description {font-family: arial; color: red;   }
div.folderview-art {font-family: arial; color: red;  }
div.folderview-art span {   }
div.folderview-art span .shadow {   }
div.folderview-art span a {font-family: century gothic, arial; color: red; font-weight: bold;  }

I am far from an expert but if anyone has questions about how to change their folders please feel free to ask.
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If anyone is interested HP is offering free online classes.  I have been taking classes for years and have been quite happy with them, especially considering the price.   I am mentioning these here on DA because they have recently expanded the lineup of hardcore nerd classes to include graphic arts.   I have not tried any of the graphics classes yet so I am not sure if they are for beginners or more advanced or both but it may be worth checking out.  The classes are all free but they do require you to sign up and give a valid email address.  They will mail you once in a while but you can opt out if you wish, I didn't because they don't spam me to death and I like to know when they add new classes.   You don't need any special software and the classes are  helpful not just giant advertisements.

If interested, you can sign up here.

In case I did the link wrong-->
I don't know how to work it yet but I signed up for Twitter so I could read about the unrest in Iran.   I am not sure how much I will use it, I don't really see the point, but please feel free to chat with me if I am on there.
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Well, that sucked.   It's 100 fricken degrees and we  just had a 2 hour brown out followed by a 3 hour blackout.   I don't usually mind the heat but damn, it's still a very humid 87 in the house, there is no way I'll get to sleep.   At least I am back online, it's amazing how necessary it has become to me.
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My house is just about done, finally! I will be putting my computers back together this weekend and upping some more stock pics soon after.

Also, after weeks of hellish shopping I finally got a new car, a Subaru.   I only drove it home but so far I really like it, although it will take a little getting used to since I have not driven a manual transmission in a few years.

On a related note, it is amazing how difficult it was to get a damn car.  The sales people would ignore me or not call me back and if I was actually able to get one to talk to me it was all I could do to beat a price out of them.  If I did manage to get a price, it was totally absurd, especially considering I already knew the prices from looking online.  You would think they would be a little more helpful considering the current economy, it got so bad that I decided to buy from the first person that was nice to me and it took more than 2 weeks!

On the odd chance anyone in the Detroit area is looking for a Subaru note me and I will send you the name of the lady that helped me.
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I have been remodeling the house so all my computers are hidden under blankets, I should be back full time soon.   I got what I think will be some neat textures and stock, I cant wait to see them.

Also, I saw a bumper sticker that said:

-All Others Will be Toad. :frog:

It just cracked me up, I think the people at the grocery thought I was crazy because I was laughing all by myself the whole time I was shopping.
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What a crap week last week was.   My cable modem took a dump so I have been without internet, I never realized how much I use it until it was gone!  If that wasn't bad enough I got a cold.  I poked my head into DA a couple of times on my phone but I probably missed some messages or faves or something, if so, I am sorry, I really do appreciate comments and notes.
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I went out and bought Photoshop CS4 today, holy crap is it different!  The last PS I used was 5.5 and for the past several years I have used the GIMP and this is nothing like I am used to.   WTF is all this other stuff?  Drive, Device Central, Script Toolkit, Bridge, 3D drawing, I have no idea what 90% of this stuff even does.   Even thought there is all that other crap that I will have to learn, I can already tell I am going to like it.   The few things I have done so far worked amazingly well, I can't wait to see what else it can do.   

When I get a few bucks ahead again I think my next big purchase will be a DSLR, I really like doing my crummy stock photos and with a better camera I might actually be able to take something decent.

In unrelated news, it was -12F this morning, it really sucked.
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